Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Intricate lattice work of Gujarat

Gujarat has a tradition of some of the finest lattice work on stone. One exquisite example of this lattice work is the jali, which means net in India. These jalis, found in Rajput palaces and temples, served a dual purpose. They provided a screen for the royal women, enabling them to see outside, while protecting them from the gaze of outsiders. Made of stone, these jalis were an ancient ventilation system, cooling down the hot outside air as it blew inside.

The Muslim rulers in different parts of India also adopted the jalis into their palaces, tombs, and mosques.

The intricate lattice on stone work in the Sidi Saiyad Masjid of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

A view of the jali from the inside:

Some other examples of Gujarati lattice work integrated into palaces and temples are the Aina Mahel at Bhuj and the Jain temple of Ranmal Choki in Idar.

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